Sample submission

Sample requirements

Only when samples meet our internal quality criteria, we can guarantee good quality data. These criteria are:


  • Nanodrop OD 260/280 > 1.8
  • Nanodrop OD 260/230 > 1.8
  • Please pay attention that the peak of the Nanodrop profile is situated at 260 nm and not at 270 nm (this would indicate a phenol-like contamination)
  • Agilent Bioanalyzer RIN (RNA Integrity Number) > 7-8


  • Nanodrop OD 260/280 > 1.8
  • Nanodrop OD 260/230 > 1.8
  • Please pay attention that the peak of the Nanodrop profile is situated at 260 nm and not at 270 nm (this would indicate a phenol-like contamination)
  • For high molecular weight (HMW) DNA sample preparation, please consult us as standard wetlab practices may induce DNA shearing or be detrimental to sequencing


For Illumina sequencing, an amount of 100 ng of total RNA is enough for the majority of the RNA applications. For DNA applications, 500 ng of genomic DNA will usually be sufficient. Please contact us at for more details.

Please always provide 3-5 µL extra which is to be used in our quality control steps.

Sample submission

Before sending/bringing your samples please fill out the appropriate sample submission form and email it to

Sequencing experiments on Illumina MiSeq/NextSeq/HiSeq/NovaSeq platform:

RNA sample submission form: xlsx format
DNA sample submission form: xlsx format
Library/Pool submission form: xlsx format

Sequencing experiments on the PacificBiosciences Sequel or Oxford Nanopore GridION platforms:

Please use the HMW-DNA sample submission form below for long-read DNA-seq. For other sequencing methods using long reads, please contact us to discuss specific requirements.

High Molecular Weight DNA sample submission form: xlsx format

Please, always download the latest version instead of using a previously saved version. 

Barcoded primers: If you wish to multiplex amplicons on the Sequel platform, we prepared a macro-enabled Excel file hosted here to design PB-Sequel barcoded primers based on those used in the PacBio 16S application (enable macros at file opening). Please contact us to design such experiment.

A second document (comma separated text file) is provided to produce the list of samples to barcode-pairs correspondances. Please use this file and keep only the pairs used to produce the barcoding metadata output needed for demultiplexing (Barcoded_Samples-384-symetric.csv, Barcoded_Samples-384-non-symetric.csv).

To optimize the workflow, please pay attention to the following:

  • use 1.5 mL eppendorf tubes
  • place your samples in the sample box in the same order as listed in the sample submission form
  • mark each sample tube with a unique name, number, and date matching the details that you fill out on the sample submission form
  • if you have used a specific elution buffer, please include an aliquot of the buffer to be used as blank for our QC measurements
  • Ship your samples on plenty of dry-ice and preferably on the beginning of the week. Pay attention to our lab closing days, listed on the right side of this web-page. Please use the following address to ship your samples to:

VIB Nucleomics Core
Herestraat 49, O&N4, Post Box 816
Room nr. 404-24 / 08.428
3000 Leuven – Belgium


VIB complies with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation.

On certain pages on our website, VIB may ask you to provide personal information such as contact information. It is completely optional for you to do so. VIB will also ask your explicit consent for storing this information to keep you informed (via e-mail or regular post) about new and future campaigns, initiatives, activities and events. Your data will only serve these functions and will under no circumstances be transferred to third parties, unless you give your explicit permission.

Your personal data will be managed by VIB and kept strictly confidential. In the event of us intending to use your data for newly defined purposes, we will ask your explicit consent.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, you have the following rights:

  • The right to view your personal data that are being stored by VIB.
  • The right to correct the personal data that are being stored at VIB.
  • The right to be forgotten. But please note that VIB cannot delete your personal data if the storage and use of these data is required by law or is necessary in the context of a contract.
  • The right to object to processing.
  • The right to transfer of your personal data on your request to a third party.

If you believe that VIB has not complied with this Online Privacy Policy or the GDPR with respect to your personal information, or if you would like to react, have any other questions, comments or complaints about this Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us by choosing one of the following four options:

tel: +32 16 37.31.28

or by regular mail:
VIB Nucleomics Core
Herestraat 49, O&N4, Post Box 816
3000 Leuven – Belgium

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