Pacific Biosciences – Sequel system


The Pacific Biosciences Sequel (PacBio Sequel) allows sequencing of very long DNA molecules up to 70kb or more (average generally in the 6-15kb range). This unique feature allows producing sequences suitable for de-novo genome assembly, single molecule sequencing of transcript isoforms or sequencing of long PCR amplicons among other applications.

PacBio Sequel is today one of the preferred platform for phasing of variants or analysis of complex structural events. Unlike its predecessor RSII system, Sequel has a 7-fold higher throughput, making it applicable to the assembly of larger genomes or to the sequencing of multiplexed amplicons.

More information can be found at the Pacific Biosciences website.

Should you be interested in performing an experiment involving this increasingly popular technology, we highly recommend to contact us and to consult us on experimental design, sample requirements, and data analysis expectations.