Oxford Nanopore – GridION system

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The Oxford Nanopore GridION (ONT GridION) allows sequencing of very long native DNA or RNA molecules up to megabase size or more (average generally in the 10-50kb range depending on the sample preparation method). This unique feature allows producing sequences suitable for de-novo genome assembly, metagenome analysis, sequencing of transcript isoforms (from mRNA or from cDNA) or sequencing of long PCR amplicons among other applications.

Based on direct molecule sequencing, the technology allows epigenetics (identification of modified nucleotides with methylation being now the most common assessed modification). Library preparation can be achieved in minutes using the Rapid transposase-based kits or up to a couple of days when performing size selection, followed by running a flow-cell for up to 48h. The GridION allows sequencing on 1 to 5 flow-cells at a time allowing cost optimization and flexibility.

Oxford Nanopore is today among the preferred platform for long molecule real-time sequencing. Unlike in former versions, the current data error rate has dropped to ~10% (less when sequencing PCR-amplified samples). Current flow-cells have a DNA throughput up to 10-20 GB per unit for DNA sequencing and 1-8+ GB for RNA sequencing depending on the kits used.

More information can be found at the Oxford Nanopore website.

We recently acquired a GridION device that can be used to perform collaborative research projects. Should you be interested in performing an experiment involving this increasingly popular technology, we highly recommend to contact us and to consult us on experimental design, sample requirements, and data analysis expectations.