VIB Nucleomics Core offers solutions to map and quantify genomes and transcriptomes that explain phenotypes of interest. With bioinformatics support as an integral part of our service, the solutions truly range from sample to science. You are not left behind with raw data files after lab experimentation. Our bioinformatics team can guide you through the complex data analysis process and connect you back to your original research question with new scientific insights.


When to contact our Bioinformatics Service

VIB Nucleomics Core has built up a vast expertise in handling data coming from a wide range of applications on platforms from Nanostring nCounter, AffymetrixIllumina, Ion TorrentRoche/454 and BioNano Genomics. The majority of the data is produced in-house, but not exclusively. Any data in the correct format can be fed to efficient in-house pipelines and processed towards a series of endpoints:

  • Preparatory analysis
    • Data quality assessment
    • Data normalization, filtering, trimming, reference mapping, and formatting
    • Data visualization and exploration
  • In-depth statistical and computational analysis
    • Identification of gene expression signatures
    • Identification of genomic variations
    • Evaluation and optimization of candidate biomarker sets
    • Predictive models for automatic diagnosis, prognosis, or risk assessment
    • De novo sequence assembly

In order to get optimal input data, we prefer to assist customers from the start with the experimental design. Our bioinformatics team can also assist you with the selection of correct oligo-probes for your custom assays.

We regularly update our portfolio of bioinformatics services. Please contact when your request falls outside the current scope of our pipelines. Also for more advanced, case-specific bioinformatics questions, we will help you to the best of our abilities. Our bioinformatics team has commercial software packages available that allow rapid development for customized projects.


What to expect from our Bioinformatics Service

Each bioinformatics project starts by matching your request to our in-house pipelines and computational resources.  With more than 10 years of experience in bioinformatics in general, we will design an effective bioinformatics solution for your problem to the best of our abilities.

The results of every analysis are returned in standard data formats, such as Excel files. The files are accompanied by a self-explaining PDF-report which describes the performed analysis and contains additional figures.

After data analysis, you are not left alone with the output files. Our bioinformatics team can guide you through the results when further discussion is required, for instance to decide about a validation strategy. Once results get wrapped up in a scientific publication, we can submit your data to a public database like  Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) and assist you with the M&M section of your manuscript.  In case you look for additional bioinformatics training or hands-on support during biological interpretation of analysis results, we can recommend the courses and data mining services that are provided by VIB BITS.

Please contact for more information about our Bioinformatics Service.


Terms and conditions

All data produced within VIB Nucleomics Core is accompanied by a preparatory analysis – including extensive quality assessment and preprocessing. Such analysis is included in the price of your experiment.

For any other analysis service, we work within a fee-for-service model. The cost for the academic community is 450€ per day (excl. VAT). Also for bioinformatics requests relating to external data or data obtained from public databases, we can assist you at the same conditions.

Please contact for a price indication of your bioinformatics request.