BioNano Genomics – Irys System

BioNano Genomics - Irys System









The BioNano Genomics technology (Irys System) combines preparation of Megabase-sized DNA, labeling with sequence or motif specific markers and single-molecule visualization to build large physical maps from simple to complex organisms. This technology perfectly complements the Next-Generation sequencing technology and will find its way in multiple applications such as:

  • Achieve more complete assemblies faster using a comprehensive view of the whole genome for de novo assembly and finishing
  • Gain novel insight into structural variation that underlies phenotypic variation
  • Unlock true genome biology with a range of applications that leverage single-molecule imaging that retains genomic architecture and context (e.g. methylation)

More information can be found at the BioNano Genomics website. Among others, a brochure describing the various ‘Bionano Genomics IrysPrep Tissue DNA Isolation Kit’ ¬†applicable for ¬†sample preparation (rem: you would only need the Tissue kit, we will do the NLR reaction for you at the core).

Should you be interested in performing an experiment involving this ground breaking technology, we highly recommend to contact us and to consult us on experimental design, sample requirements, and data analysis expectations.


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