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Our NGS offerings in a nutshell




- RNA seq based expression analysis
- RNA seq based transcriptome analysis
- Directional RNA seq (total & mRNA)
- RNA seq on low input RNA levels


Targeted Resequencing:

- AmpliSeq cancer panel on Ion PGM
- Illumina TruSeq Amplicon Cancer Panel on MiSeq or HiSeq
- Illumina TruSeq Custom Amplicon Panel on MiSeq or HiSeq
- AmpliSeq custom gene panel on PGM
- Haloplex enrichment on PGM or MiSeq
- Multiplicom enrichment for all 3 platforms
- Custom singleplex amplicons on the 3 platforms



- Whole genome sequencing
- ChIP-seq
- Methylation analysis
- Locus specific genomic region sequencing
- Ultra deep amplicon sequencing


Library prep solutions:

- Covaris shearing
- Automated library prep on SPRIworks or Apollo324 for 454 and Illumina sequencing (PGM protocols expected soon)
- Nextera & NexteraXT
- Multiple manual options



Bioinformatics data analysis on all of the above